Choosing Organic India: A Path to Freedom and Wellness

In a world brimming with choices, each one holds the potential to transform our lives in myriad ways. Every day our choices shape our reality, influencing our health, well-being, and the environment. 

Amid this complex web of decisions, we at Organic India aim to stand for freedom -  freedom from stress and disease, from pollutants and toxins, and poverty and environmental degradation. We aim to create an empowered life that encompasses health, harmony, and a sustainable future for all. 

This Independence Day, join us to explore the freedom of creating the best life we can, not just for ourselves, but for the world we inhabit. 

Freedom from toxic chemicals, and pesticides: Enjoying organic, pure and wholesome produce, just like Mother Nature intended 

Exposure to environmental pollutants coupled with the onslaught of over-processed convenience foods with preservatives has increased our exposure to toxins. 

Moreover, most conventional (non-organic) foods found in the market are grown in poor, depleted soils with chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. 

These chemical pesticides and fertilisers not only have an adverse environmental impact (causing biodiversity loss, eroding soil fertility, and increasing water usage) but affect our health, including disrupting hormone balance, causing neurological and developmental problems in children, and affecting reproductive, endocrine, nervous and immune systems in the long run. The recent COVID pandemic has served as another painful reminder of the pitfalls of a weakened immune system.  

Fortunately, the modern consumer is increasingly conscious of the contents of their shopping cart, seeking products that align with their health and values. Organic India offers a path to freedom from the onslaught of chemicals and impurities that pervade our lives. 

At Organic India, we ensure the agricultural produce we source is grown and harvested in harmony with nature using organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. To further ensure their organic purity, our products undergo rigorous testing to achieve both Indian & International organic certifications including JAIVIK BHARAT”, “INDIA ORGANIC, certifications from Control Union, and SGS as per USDA, EU, and NPOP Organic Standards. 

Processed in India’s first organic plant and LEED Platinum-certified facility, we ensure our products reach from the farm to your plate free of toxic pesticides, chemicals, impurities and additives to support health and true wellness. 

This commitment to wholesome and organic purity ensures that every sip of Tulsi Green Tea Honey Lemon you take replenishes your body with healing antioxidants and every dollop of our Cow’s Ghee you use in your daily food is powered with the goodness of Mother Nature and brings you one step closer to a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle. 

Freedom from Stress & Fatigue: Restoring natural vitality and health

In a fast-paced world where stress seems inescapable and a sedentary lifestyle is fast becoming a norm, the rise of lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatty liver, and autoimmune conditions is no surprise.

 Organic India provides a bouquet of products including teas and infusions, herbal supplements, packaged foods, detox programs and body care products that help deeply nourish your body, flush out harmful toxins, soothe your nervous system, and restore your natural vitality and energy.

 Our Tulsi Green Tea Classic, a timeless elixir and our flagship product, is more than just a beverage – it's a pathway to inner calm and balance. In addition to this, by blending the Queen of herbs, Tulsi with potent herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Chamomile, and Turmeric, we have created an extensive bouquet of Green Teas, Wellness teas and infusions to cater to every health need and mood. 

Savour the soothing embrace of each sip, and feel the stress and fatigue melt away. 

Additionally, our growing range of packaged foods including good fats like cold pressed cooking oils and nourishing Cow’s Ghee, serve to replenish and restore your natural health and energy. 

For example, ORGANIC INDIA Cow’s Ghee is made from the milk of cows raised on organic farms with love and compassion. Our ghee is free from chemical pesticides and hormones, ensuring wholesome goodness in every bottle. A naturally rich source of fat-soluble nutrients and healthy fatty acids, ORGANIC INDIA’s Cow Ghee helps to boost your overall health and stamina, keeps your skin supple and soft, and lubricates bones and joints to help you enjoy an active lifestyle. 

Nourish and restore your body’s optimal health with nutrient-dense, certified organic whole foods and embrace the freedom to experience the fullness of life.

 Free from Waste: Eco-Friendly Packaging: 

According to United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) estimates, more than 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced since the early 1950’s and only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled.

 The waste products from toxic packaging accumulate in landfills, rivers and oceans contaminating both our soil and water. It is estimated that 75 to 199 million tonnes of plastic is currently found in our oceans. 

At Organic India, it’s been our constant endeavour to provide freedom from toxic packaging waste by using eco-friendly, toxin-free materials to package our products. 

For example, our tea bags are made from all-natural, biodegradable materials - unbleached, organic manila hemp for the tea bag paper, and unbleached cotton fiber for the attached string. 

This is a sharp contrast to the common polyamide-coated filter paper tea bags available in the market. 

Also, the cartons used to package our teas and infusions are made from 100% recycled paperboard, while our health supplements are packed in amber-coloured, airtight glass bottles to prevent UV rays exposure and environmental oxidation. Unlike plastic, glass is an inert, safe,

sustainable, and fully recyclable material that does not allow toxins to leach in. 

Thus we are constantly aiming to provide safe, healthy and eco-friendly packaging and in the process also are raising the standards of the organic industry by setting an example for other brands.   

With Organic India, you're not just choosing for yourself, but for the earth. Our dedication to reducing plastic waste empowers you to contribute to a greener future, one cup of tea at a time. 

Freedom from poverty & dependence:  Empowering Farmers, Enriching Lives: 

At the heart of Organic India's mission lies a deep connection to the land and its stewards – the farmers. By choosing Organic India, you champion sustainable farming practices that nurture the soil and uplift farming communities. All of our farmers and tribal wildcrafters are educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. We pay all the fees associated with acquiring the necessary organic certifications for them, and then we purchase the harvested crops and herbs at a premium market price. 

Our brand is a testament to the transformative power of ethical partnerships, where every purchase creates a positive ripple effect. As you relish the goodness of our products, remember that you're also empowering farmers, promoting fairness, and fostering a resilient ecosystem. 


The power to choose is a remarkable gift, one that can shape lives and change the world. Choosing Organic India is not just a transaction; it's an affirmation of freedom – freedom from chemicals, stress, plastic, and unsustainable practices. It's a step towards a healthier, more harmonious future, where the well-being of individuals and the planet are intertwined. Join the movement, make the choice, and embrace the freedom that comes with nurturing your body, mind, and the earth. 

This Independence Day, Organic India invites you to join the organic farming movement - Will you heed the call?



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By Aduko Francis A. Apobah

Dec 18, 2023


Organic India has truly revolutionized my wellness journey. Their commitment to organic and sustainable practices not only ensures the purity of their products but also supports local farmers. It’s not just about what you consume; it’s about the impact you make. Choosing Organic India is choosing a path to freedom for your health and a sustainable future for our planet.

By Jeet Sardar

Oct 04, 2023


I absolutely love Organic India! Their commitment to sustainability and organic farming practices is truly inspiring. Choosing their products not only ensures a healthier lifestyle but also supports farmers and the environment. It’s a path to freedom from harmful chemicals and a step towards overall wellness. Kudos to Organic India for their dedication to a better world!

By Kahoda Vyas

Sep 20, 2023


Embracing Organic India empowers us with healthier choices and supports sustainable agriculture. By choosing organic, we prioritize our well-being while contributing to the planet’s vitality. It’s a path to both personal freedom and the wellness of our environment.

By Mahadaji Tavade

Aug 31, 2023


Love organic products from India is a holistic choice. It’s not just about personal wellness, but also supporting sustainable farming practices and preserving our environment. Choosing organic isn’t just a path to freedom for ourselves, but for the planet too.

By Bhavabhuti Kapudia

Aug 31, 2023

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